Centennial Elementary

Current Status:

Entry Level - Certified on 6/1/17, Expires on 6/1/20

About the Centennial OGS Program:

How do you make sure everyone knows that your school is an Oregon Green School?

-> We have periodic presentations to the staff about the green team efforts.

How does your parent group (PTA/PTO) support and participate in your program?

-> Working on composting food/paper waste from evening events.

How do you practice resource conservation during extra-curricular events?

Require after hour event organizers to include a recycling plan.

Data Collection and Monitoring (Important Info):

- Our last Waste Audit was on 3/24/17

How we Reduce and Reuse:

  • We use durable cups, plates and silverware in the teacher's lounge.

  • We use durable silverware and trays in our cafeteria.

  • We use less toxic cleaning products that have been endorsed by a 3rd party (like EcoLogo or Design for the Environment).

  • Our kitchen staff uses reusable/washable gloves and aprons.

  • When possible, we email our school newsletter and other information for parents instead of sending hard copies.

  • Staff memos and announcements are sent via email or posted instead of individually printed.

  • Durable Trays in Cafeteria.

What is special about our Recycling program?

4th grade is involved in the Crayola 'Colorcycle' program for collection of markers.

How we Save Energy:

  • Lights are on a sensor.

  • Computers are automatically turned off every night.

  • Our thermostats are on automatic settings (cool when temperatures reach 76 degrees and heat when temperatures drop to 67 degrees).

  • We eliminated T-12 lights and magnetic ballasts and replaced with T8 lights with electric ballasts.

  • Refrigerators have been set between 37-40 degrees and freezers between 0-5 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Our school has daylight controls for exterior lighting.

  • The refrigerators in our school have adequate seals and the custodian cleans the refrigerator coils annually.

How we Save/Protect Water:

  • We have marked the storm drains around our school and neighborhood with "NO DUMPING" markers. We reminded everyone to report leaks when they are noticed either inside or outside the school.

  • Our school's sprinkler system automatically avoids watering on rainy or windy days and is set to water early in the morning.

  • Our school grounds are used by the public for walking dogs so we have installed a mutt mitt
    dispenser &/or added signs reminding people to pick up after their dogs.

  • When our cafeteria staff washes dishes, they wait until they have a full load.

  • Courtyard sprinkler system is controlled manually.

Current Goals:

Reduce Waste - Goal 1: Label Paper Towel Dispensers to Encourage Less Usage/Waste.


1.) Have a universal label design, students color them & then they will be laminated.

2.) Display completed labels in the lunch hallway.

3.) Share with students our goal of using less & not wasting paper towels.

4.) Green team distribute labels to dispensers.

Reduce Waste - Goal 2: Encourage Students to Use 1 Utensil (if needed) & 1 Pump of Condiments at Meals.


1.) Produce small reminder signs near utensil holder & condiments.

2.) Positive verbal 'shout outs' once a week during lunch for those who are using 1 utensil. [note: We have spoons & forks].

3.) Create a golden utensil trophy (and condiment trophy) for a weekly contest between

Recycling - Goal 1: Establish Collection of Classroom Paper Towels for Compost.


1.) Paint/label existing trash cans OR acquire new Rubbermaid cans for 'Compost Towels'

2.) Introduce new collection system, purpose & importance of not including plastic/trash.

Recycling - Goal 2: Establish New Collection System for Bottle/Can Containers w/10 cent Deposits.


1.) Evaluate different collection bins for a possible location. (likely courtyard)

2.) Check with local beverage companies & bin grant opportunities.

3.) Make it happen & encourage families/neighbors to donate to our school.

Energy - Goal 1: Successfully Reduce Electricity Use in Gym When Not in Use.


1.) Share current district policy on gym lighting when not in use with staff.

2.) Friendly reminders to teachers who may forget & leave all the lights on upon their class leaving.

Energy - Goal 2: Turn-off Lights in Classroom Offices, Staff Break Rm. or Work Rm. When Not in Use.


1.) Attach switch labels in these locations as reminders.

2.) Green Team send nice notes & thank you to staff on the goal to reduce energy.
3.) Monitor these areas & record improvements.

Water - Goal 1: Seek Reduction in Water Use in Areas Where Sinks Have On/Off Faucets.


1.) Acquire & attach water reminder labels in these locations to encourage less waste.

2.) Check for any dripping or leaks (including sinks with foot pedals.)

Water - Goal 2: 5th Grade Classes (or Green Team) Learn About Water Pollution & Possible Field Trip to Waste Water Treatment Facility


1.) Check interest of 5th grade teachers in participation in city's 'Clean Water University'

2.) Check with CWU on scheduling program.

3.) Consider other related activities for Green Team.

Upcoming Events:

- Nothing right now!

Ongoing Projects:

(1) Recycling

(2) Monitoring – What’s in that smelly dumpster?

(3) Cafeteria Composting

Would you like to help Centennial at being greener?

Contact Joshua Frankel – greenschools@live.com / 541-636-0096. He is the local OGS coordinator, and he will get you everything you need including:

  • The Oregon Green Schools application.

  • The information you need to schedule your waste audit/garbage sort.

  • A list of sample goals.

Together we can help your school save money, reduce waste, and conserve energy/water. Thanks for participating in the Oregon Green Schools program!

(This page was updated: 6/19/17.)