Plastic Roundup 2019

Holt Elementary


Participating Schools: Holt Elementary

We welcome families and neighbors who live in Eugene's Harlow neighborhood to be a part of a special project at Holt Elementary. (We ask others in Lane County to visit to participate.)

On specific dates in March/April the school will be collecting plastics that are no longer accepted in curbside recycling bins. Here's how it works:

(1) February: Start right away to collect and prepare materials at your home or business, and prepare all materials using instructions below.

(2) March 5th, 19th and April 2nd: Drop-off your materials at Holt on specified dates ONLY, from 2:15pm to 3:00pm. Volunteers will be on-site to assist. (Please don't bring materials to school on any other day/time. There won't be anywhere for you to drop your materials.)

IMPORTANT: Only items that are properly sorted and prepared will be accepted by "community collection" volunteers on scheduled drop-off dates.

March/April Drop-off Dates:

March 5th, 19th, and April 2nd

Directly after school - 2:15 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.


(Materials delivered to Holt outside of scheduled times will not be recycled.)

What materials will be accepted?

  • Main Category 1: #2 Tubs and Lids

  • Main Category 2: #2 Bottles and Jugs

  • Main Category 3: #5 Bottles, Tubs and Lids

  • Category 4 (Optional): #2 "Pakteck" Beverage Handles

  • Category 5 (Optional): #4 Tubs, Bottles and Lids

How to prepare:

Start by identifying the "resin type" which is the small number on the bottom or side of most plastic containers encircled by recycling arrows. (It must be a #2, #4, or #5. Use a black permanent marker on the container to make the number easier to see.)

1.  Remove all lids

2.  Rinse and dry inside/outside of container

3.  Remove all labels

  • Some labels are "heat seal" labels and will not come off. (Carefully test with a fingernail or butter knife.)

  • Labels that even slightly peel off will need to be completely removed.

  • Please watch the following video (on YouTube): Click Here to watch

4.  Sort Into Categories (and place in CLEAR plastic bags)

  • Main Category 1: #2 Tubs and Lids

  • Main Category 2: #2 Bottles and Jugs

  • Main Category 3: #5 Bottles, Tubs and Lids

  • Category 4 (Optional): #2 "Pakteck" Beverage Handles

  • Category 5 (Optional): #4 Tubs, Bottles and Lids

Interested in volunteering on drop-off dates?

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NOTE: You can also email us at with questions.