Let's get started! OGS Information 

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What is OGS?

OGS is a network of approximately 200 schools throughout Oregon that are committed to reducing waste, using less energy, and conserving water. The program benefits your school through:

  • Leadership opportunities for students;

  • Helping teachers work together on common goals;

  • A way of improve behavior by imparting respect for the school’s operations;

  • Getting the school’s community involved in creating a healthier world for everyone;

  • Becoming certified makes your school eligible for a $500 grant from Lane County Waste Management division to purchase recycling bins, gloves, signs, posters, or whatever your school needs to “go green.”

Get starting using the following steps! Always remember - you are not alone - please never hesitate to ask for help along the way!!

Step 1 - Connect and Get Started

Contact your regional coordinator:


(2) You will be sent a link to your online application (this is a unique link that you will use for the entire process of applying), and instructions on the application process.

Step 2 - Complete your Certification Track application

Joshua will assist you through each step of the process:

  • Gathering Information:

    • Investigation and Interview: Track-based checklists that determine how your school is already succeeding, and where there is room for growth.

  • Classroom Activities and Connections, including audits to collect data (examples by track);

    • Walk and Roll track: Complete the Student Tally Forms and Activity Tracking Sheet.

    • Gardens and Grounds track: Complete the Gardens and Grounds Audit (Parts 1 and 2).

    • Energy Conservation track: Complete the Energy Conservation Audit to assess current conditions.

    • Waste, Reuse, and Recycling track: Complete the Classroom Waste Audit.

  • Green School Spotlight: Share your green team/green school’s successes and goals with the school community;

  • Goals and Action Plan: Set goals for improvement and complete the Action Plan.

NOTE: When all requirements of your certification track are complete, you will work with Joshua to submit your $500 incentive grant to Lane County and schedule an awards assembly. At this time the assembly can part of an online announcement that goes out to the school's staff, students and  their families. Please see Shasta Middle School's example at: https://youtu.be/18n216YxRyU


Step 3 - Review and Celebrate!

Review Process: Once all the information in your application is complete it will be reviewed by Joshua. He will suggest any needed edits/additions until the application is complete. At this point an assembly date will be determined as well! He will submit your information, along with the grant request, to Lane County Waste Management who will review the application and determine eligibility for your $500 grant.

Assembly: Your whole school will find out about the great work you have done to complete the OGS certification through the assembly. This can be part of an existing full-school assembly, or can be its own assembly. (NOTE: a minimum of 7 or 8 minutes are needed to present the award and grant check.)

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(This page was updated: 3/30/21.)

To visit the statewide OGS website: www.oregongreenschools.org