OGS Resources for your school!

(Click Here if your school is NOT in Lane County.)

What resources are available?

  • Direct assistance: we are here to answer your questions, and provide the help you need to build an effective green program at your school;



  • Other schools: we can put you in touch with local schools that may want to help you. Any school that is upgrading their status from Entry to Merit, or Merit to Premier need to assist another school in becoming a green school;


  • Community-wide resources: in addition to the links below, there are people and groups throughout Lane County that have skills and knowledge in resource conservation. There may be parents at your school, or neighbors who live close to your school, that have the expertise you need to complete your OGS goals and projects.


Link 1:


Link 2:


Link 3:


How to get started


Contact Joshua Frankel – greenschools@live.com / 541-636-0096. He is the local OGS coordinator, and he will get you everything you need including:

  • The Oregon Green Schools application.

  • The information you need to schedule your waste audit/garbage sort.

  • A list of sample goals.


We hope your school is the next certified Oregon Green School!

(This page was updated: 9/24/16.)