Roosevelt Middle School

Current Status:

Entry Level - Certified on 3/1/12, Expires on 3/1/15 (Renewal or Upgrade needed.)

About the Roosevelt OGS Program:


At Roosevelt, we engage in many waste reduction and resource conservation activites.  On a large scale our Green Team class meets for an hour every other day to study green issues in our school and community.  We also plan and take action to reduce waste and conserve resources.  The Green Team has divided into crews to focus our efforts. 


For example, there are recycling bins in every classroom that are emptied weekly by the Green Team Recycling Crew. Boxes for paper only used on one side are kept next to every copier and teachers are encouraged to reuse this paper.  Everything printed or written on by our office staff is done on reused paper.  All in-house communications between teachers, administrators and office staff are done via email.


Further waste reduction measures occur in our classes where students are encouraged to email typed work to teachers as opposed to printing out copies.  Posters created for classroom work are reused to display work on both sides.  Additionally, our school collects unused office supplies from the community as both a cost saving measure and reducing waste in our community.  Parent volunteers are often involved in gathering and distributing these resources to ensure efficient use.


Our school has also taken the Cool Schools Challenge.  We have pledged to reduce our energy consumption and will be participating in classes that educate us on energy reduction, help us measure our current levels and set goals so that we can improve.  As a result, teachers now use power strips that they turn off after school and every room with a light switch has a sign reminding users to only turn on the lights when needed.


The Green Team Outreach Crews are working hard to get our green message out.  They have organized, planned, and implemented assemblies that educated our school on our current status of waste production, energy and water use.  They communicated our goals to the school and let the staff and students know what they can do to help.  All of these messages, plus pictures and resources are captured on our Green Team website.

How have you helped another school with waste reduction education and/or assistance within the last year?

After successfully implementing a recycling program at Roosevelt the Green Team reached out to Edison Elementary School and partnered to start their recycling program.  Roosevelt students visited Edison on multiple occasions to educate and encourage participation in their school-wide recycling program.  Now both schools have successful recycling programs due to the efforts of the Roosevelt Green Team.

Data Collection and Monitoring (Important Info):

- Our last Waste Audit was on 2/1/12

- Approximate Recovery Rate: 47%

Our "School-Wide" policy for reducing waste
(Merit-level Requirement):

Roosevelt Middle School's Sustainability Policy

Sustainable living is a way of living where you live within the boundaries of using enough resources for your own needs and saving enough for future generations. It is important to have our school sustainable so that our future generations have the same opportunities to learn and thrive as we do. 


In order to reduce waste at Roosevelt and increase our schools sustainability all students/staff will strive to:

 reduce our schools paper usage by using both sides of paper before recycling, make all school-wide communications through the internet and copying on half sheets of paper when possible;

 reduce our schools trash/waste by recycling more and decreasing the amount of food “wrapping” we purchase/bring to school;

 reduce our schools energy waste by only using lights when necessary and using power strips to turn of “vampires” and

 reduce our schools fossil fuel waste by walking / biking / busing / carpooling whenever possible.


By educating students and staff about sustainability our school and help ensure that future generations can live with all the resources that they need.

How we Reduce and Reuse:

  • As mentioned in the waste reduction section, Roosevelt promotes paper reuse by teachers and office staff.  Teachers frequently use half sheets of paper for handouts or email blasts to students instead of using paper at all.

  • Our office staff has partnered with local businesses to receive donations of paper used only on one side.  Through this partnership Roosevelt is reducing the amount of paper waste created in the local community, reusing a vital resource and conserving our office supplies funds.

  • Further, Roosevelt does not waste paper by sending monthly newsletters to parents and community members.  Instead, Roosevelt has ENews, an emailed newsletter that is accessible by signing up for emails or through a link on our school's website.

  • Additionally, the donated office materials mentioned earlier are held in two closets in the school for staff or student.

How we Save Energy/Water:

  • Water conservation is incorporated into all our grounds maintenance operations.  The staff responsible for the irrigation of school grounds use water sparingly to maintain the fields and grassy areas. 

  • Energy is conserved at our school in all technology labs.  Computers are set to automatically shut down at the end of the day and are set to hibernate (and use less power) when not in use during the day. 

  • Due to the efforts of the "Lights Off" campaign, faculty and staff have become more aware of wasted energy and commit to turning off their lights every time they leave their classroom. 

  • Our head custodian is also energy conscious and only fully lights the gym (which uses 250 watt bulbs!) when absolutely necessary.

Current Goals:

Reduce Waste - Goal 1: Reduce the amount of food waste gabage by starting a composting program.

Steps-to-Achieve: ​

  • Partner with the School Garden Project and Parents At Roosevelt (PAR)

  • Clear outside space for composting bins

  • Collaborate with cafeteria and custodial staff to set up collection area

  • Create signs and announcements to educate students about composting

  • Gather carbon material (sawdust) and container to keep it dry

  • Create schedule for parent volunteers to turn compost

  • Begin collecting compost

Reduce Waste - Goal 2: Reduce paper garbage by providing a scrap paper box to each classroom.


  • Gather cardboard boxes and label them

  • Distribute to classrooms

  • Conduct house announcements to educate students about how to use cardboard boxes

Recycling - Goal 1: Begin E-Waste recycling (ink cartgridges, cell phones, PDA's)


  • Partner with Fundraising Factory, an E-waste reuse/recycle company

  • Place box for collection in main office

  • Send announcement home via E-newsletter

  • Conduct house announcements to inform students

Recycling - Goal 2: Begin recycling batteries.


  • Locate a local drop off stop for recycled batteries

  • Place box in main office for batteries

  • Send announcement home via E-newsletter

  • Request all-faculty/staff email sent from the principal to inform faculty and staff

  • Conduct house announcements to inform students

Energy - Goal 1: Reduce light usage.


  • Place signs next to every light switch to remind users to use only when necessary

  • Thank the custodial staff when they have turn lights off in gym and cafeteria when not in use via email or in person

  • Remind staff and students at assemblies to only use lights when needed

Energy - Goal 2: Reduce energy wasted by "vampires".


  • Place all computers in computer labs on automatic shut-down modes to ensure none are left on over night

  • Provide power strips for teachers to use for laptops, LCD and document cameras so they can turn everything off with one switch at the end of the day

Water - Goal 1: Create "Conserve Water" signs.


  • Use smart watering techniques in school garden

Water - Goal 2: Educate students about the importance of saving water.


  • Plan the garden design to accommodate a drip water irrigation system

  • Weekly monitor the water used in the garden to ensure we are not over watering plants

Upcoming Events:

- Nothing right now!

Ongoing Projects:

(1) Recycling

(2) Composting

(3) Monitoring – What’s in that smelly dumpster?

Would you like to help Roosevelt at being greener?


Contact Joshua Frankel – / 541-636-0096. He is the local OGS coordinator, and he will get you everything you need including:

  • The Oregon Green Schools application.

  • The information you need to schedule your waste audit/garbage sort.

  • A list of sample goals.

Together we can help your school save money, reduce waste, and conserve energy/water. Thanks for participating in the Oregon Green Schools program!

(This page was updated: 9/24/16.)