South Eugene High

Current Status:

Entry Level - Certified on 5/1/18, Expires on 5/1/2021

About the South Eugene OGS Program:

How do you make sure everyone knows that your school is an Oregon Green School?

  • We have a "green page" on our website.

  • We have established an environmental club/green team.

  • We have a logo for the club and for our Oregon Youth Legislative Initiative project group!

  • Students present during assemblies or morning meetings about the green team.

  • We have let the school know about our programs in a school assembly.

  • We have included messages on our school reader board

  • We include periodic environmental messages in our school announcements.​

How does your parent group (PTA/PTO) support and participate in your program?


How do you practice resource conservation during extra-curricular events?

  • Activities like sports games and theater performances organize recycling at or near the field/auditorium.

Data Collection and Monitoring (Important Info):

- Our last Waste Audit was on 11/9/17

How we Reduce and Reuse:

  • We have set our printers to print double-sided and/or we encourage staff to print double-sided whenever possible.

  • We created a donation station/Reuse closet where people can drop off or pick up used clothing, games, sporting equipment, Halloween costumes, etc.

  • We use durable cups, plates and silverware in the teacher's lounge.

  • We use less toxic cleaning products that have been endorsed by a 3rd party (like EcoLogo or Design for the Environment).

  • We donate unclaimed lost and found and other unwanted items to our families, a thrift store or
    homeless shelter.

  • Our kitchen staff uses reusable/washable gloves and aprons.

  • When possible, we email our school newsletter and other information for parents instead of sending hard copies.

  • Staff memos and announcements are sent via email or posted instead of individually printed.

  • We have installed water bottle filling stations.

How we Save Energy:

  • ​Our thermostats are on automatic settings (cool when temperatures reach 76 degrees and heat when temperatures drop to 67 degrees).

  • We eliminated T-12 lights and magnetic ballasts and replaced with T8 lights with electric ballasts.

  • Light switches &/or computers have signs reminding people to turn them off when not in use

  • We checked all school faucets' hot water to ensure that the water temperature is between 120-130 degrees Fahrenheit (except the kitchen).

  • Our school has daylight controls for exterior lighting.

  • Our district has a policy to conserve energy &/or purchase Energy Star computers and appliances.

  • Our school has LED exit signs.

How we Save/Protect Water:

  • ​We checked to make sure all faucets have aerators. If faucets did not have them, we installed them.

  • We have marked the storm drains around our school and neighborhood with "NO DUMPING" markers.

  • All toilets were tested for leaks.

  • We installed/have timers for bathroom faucets and/or locker room showers.

  • We planted native plants throughout school grounds.

  • We reminded everyone to report leaks when they are noticed either inside or outside the school

  • We ensured that all toilets are low-flow.

  • Our school's sprinkler system automatically avoids watering on rainy or windy days and is set to water early in the morning.

  • We have verified that our sprinklers are watering only the landscape, not the parking lot or walkways.

  • We adjust the irrigation for seasonal rain fall in our area or do not irrigate in areas that can go dormant in the summer.

  • Our parking lot is swept 1-2 times/year and we sweep rather than pressure wash our sidewalks and parking lots.

  • We have added mulch around plants and trees to reduce evaporation and weeds.

  • We have replaced sprinklers with drip irrigation where applicable.

Current Goals:

Reduce Waste - Goal 1: Establish a program to reduce paper towel use, through signs and education, within the next 18 months.


(1) Get permission from office for signs on all paper towel dispensers, design and create signs, put them up.

2) Draft a message asking students and staff to use less paper towels, distribute the message in the school newspaper, in daily announcements, and in a staff memo.

3) Ensure that the message is used in the future by asking the school to set a schedule to send out the message at least twice per year.

Reduce Waste - Goal 2: Organize classroom presentations about waste prevention, within the next 9 months.


(1) Organize data from OGS waste audit

(2) Create meaningful presentation about SE's waste habits (ex: equate recyclable material volume to the size of a small house or other appropriate volume)

(3) Share presentation with staff/EG 350 club so that it can be accessed in years to come, to compare data

(4) Reach out to teachers and ask for evaluation of the presentation

(5) Design a "waste poster" to place in the school, displaying garbage/recycling generation by year

Recycling - Goal 1: Setup commercial composting in the cafeteria, for students to compost food scraps and paper products, within the next 18 months.


(1) Contact community resources (Love Food Not Waste, Rexius, teachers) to determine what all the steps will be.

(2) Set a meeting with kitchen staff.

(3) Organize compost volunteer team.

(4) Have a cart and bins setup for material collection in the cafeteria.

(5) Create a followup and feedback system to ensure the program stays up- and-running for year to come.

Recycling - Goal 2: Put signage on recycling bins to educate students about what can be recycled and what can't, in the next 3 months.


(1) Research what can be recycled at SE (contact Sanipac, and OGS Coordinator, for help, if needed)

(2)Locate # recycling bins in SE

(3)Design info-posters with SE design class

(4)Get permission from assistant principle to put up signs on all recycling bins

(5)Draft message to staff about new recycling posters, ask them to mention posters to students

(6)Put announcement about posters in daily announcements (1 or 2 times/week for 2-3 weeks).

(7)Routinely observe recycling bins to see if posters made a difference

Energy - Goal 1: Put inside and outside lights on a day/night schedule, within the next 9 months.


(1) Collect data about current light schedule in various parts of school (hallways, bathrooms, locker rooms, outside lights)

(2) Find out how much energy could be saved by adjusting schedules, and find other reasons to do so (reduce light pollution, support environment friendly school

(3)Reach out to South and 4j facilities staff with proposal

(4)Give input on ideal light schedule

Energy - Goal 2: Make vending machines more enviro-friendly, within the next 9 months.


(1) Form vending machine project group!

(2)Identify main problems (vending machine light, products offered, amount of packaging, etc).

(3)Talk to front office/other relevant staff about issue, identify potential costs of change.

(4) Research similar projects (other schools with greener vending machines) .

(5)Relate vending machine discussion to broader health discussion about teenage nutrition.

Water - Goal 1: Establish display in commons/cafeteria to educate about water conservation.


(1) Research importance of water use in SE (data about our wonderful water in Lane County, data on volume of water used in SE).

(2) Design display with SE design class.

(3) Get permission to post display from assistant principal.

(4 )Put up display.

(5) Draft and send message to staff about water conservation.

Water - Goal 2: Plant slopes of local stream bank to prevent soil erosion, within the next 6 months.


(1) Organize project group.

(2) Find appropriate native plants.

(3) Fundraise to buy plants (bake sale? Gofundme? Donation jar?).

(4) Get permission to plant from property owner (SEHS or other nearby business, depending on exact planting location.

(5) Gather volunteers from EG350 South, and from larger student body if needed.
(6) Plant!

(7) Designate periodic check-ins to observe plants' progress and changes in soil.

Upcoming Events:

- Nothing right now!

Ongoing Projects:

(1) Recycling

(2) Monitoring – What’s in that smelly dumpster?

Would you like to help South Eugene High at being greener?

Contact Joshua Frankel – / 541-636-0096. He is the local OGS coordinator, and he will get you everything you need including:

  • The Oregon Green Schools application.

  • The information you need to schedule your waste audit/garbage sort.

  • A list of sample goals.

Together we can help your school save money, reduce waste, and conserve energy/water. Thanks for participating in the Oregon Green Schools program!

(This page was updated: 4/25/19.)